Shuttle man-handled

Shuttle man-handled


I feel bad for her, I really do… She just has a knack for these photographs.

Are these brief snippets of time just a coincidence, or a window to the soul of a true demon?

YOU be the judge.

Incredible stop-motion photography. Enojy!

Tooting my own horn.

Tool + Fractals + Time Lapse = Fun… Enjoy!

HDR Photography

I have been hearing about HDR (High dynamic range) imaging for some time now. I kept seeing these AMAZING photos and just needed to dig a little deeper and find out how people were making them. This image is one of the absolute best I have been able to find.

A High Dynamic Range Photo

A High Dynamic Range Photo

The photographers are using Photoshop technology to create these. So you may be asking yourself “Are they real images, or are they just Photoshopped BS?” That’s up for debate. You can’t make these photos without a computer, however, no additional information is added to the photos–they are simply enhanced images using the information that is obtained when the image is captured. (Dark areas are made lighter and light areas are made darker)

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How to see a gunshot

So, I was listening to the local news here in Minnesota today…
A man was shot in Minneapolis and the reporter mentioned that the police were notified of the shooting by the departments “shot spotter” technology. So I thought to myself “they have technology that can “spot” gunshots?”

Google turned up the company’s website http://www.shotspotter.com/

How it works: Basically, there are a number of microphones set up on telephone poles in a neighborhood (or wherever people get consistently shot at) When a gun shot goes off, the mic picks it up, and is able to determine the direction of the acoustic. If a bunch of mics pick up the shot, they can triangulate the sound and plot it. In other words, the mics hear a shot and point in the direction that it came from. Pretty cool!

Here is an article on how it works

Here is some info on the inventor http://www.faqs.org/patents/app/20080279046



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